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It’s Like Training Wheels For Sales Reps To Use Social Selling

This article originally appeared on our corporate website. You can click the link below to visit the original article. 

I am sharing this so I can share it with anyone who asks, “are you guys like….”  We get this a lot. 

Here are a few highlights from the article. 

  1. We believe social media is a great medium for building real relationships
  2. We believe social media is meant to be social
  3. We ARE NOT a social blasting tool.  We do not believe in repurposing brand social posts for all the team to share all the time. Occasionally, it may make sense to do that. But, if you do it all the time, it has a negative effect on your buyers and your brand. 
  4. We ARE NOT a CRM solution. We make your CRM solution better. 
  5. We ARE NOT an ABM solution. We make your ABM model better. 

Maybe it is best to hear it from Brandon’s mouth and in his words. Listen to his brief video then read the article by clicking the link below and tell me what you think about who we are and the value FunnelAmplified offers to our customer’s. 

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