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Tacos Make a Bad Day, Better!

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I shared this as a social post on LikedIn and Facebook. It was #dadjoke Friday but it was also April Fools Day. I am not much for pranks so I wrote this for our kids especially for our two oldest daughters who are heading into the workforce and our new son, (son in law) who is a year into his first post-college role.

So, here are 22 pieces of career advice most people will not tell you and only a dad can tell you.  

Why 22?  That is what I came up with.

1. Tacos make a bad day better.

2. Don’t laugh at jokes you don’t think are funny.

3. Don’t call in sick and then show up with a tan face.

4. Be very very sure if you ever say, “Congratulations” to someone you think is pregnant.

5. When you ask for a raise, justify it with data and facts.

6. If someone talks about people behind their backs to you, they will talk about you behind your back too.

7. You are awesome. Don’t forget it.

8. When you are tired. Take a walk or take a break.

9. Bad days and bad seasons come into everyone’s lives. It’s going to be OK.  I promise.

10. After 55 work hours a week, your productivity drops a lot.

11. Don’t start sentences with “Basically”

12. Don’t start an email with “As I stated in my previous email”

13. Passive aggressive people suck. 

14. Don’t accept a LinkedIn request from anyone in HR.

15. Brush your teeth everyday. (Mom told me to add this one!)

16. Work when you are best at doing your work.

17. God first, Marriage second, family 3rd, then everything else

18. Not everyone will like you. It’s OK. A lot of people don’t like themselves.

19. GET SLEEP. It is the foundation of good health.

20. Check your background before you turn on the Zoom camera

21. Double check and triple check the mute button before you scream “this meeting is a waste of my time”

22. Your dad is not perfect. He is not always funny even when he tried to be but he loves you, believes in you and will buy tacos for you anytime you want them!

What would you add to this list?

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