Brandon Lee


How to use 9-Figure LInkedIn Strategies in Any Business

Carson Heady is an enterprise sales leader for Microsoft. He is also the host of The Salesman on Fire podcast. In a social post, he shared how he and his team closed a 9-figure deal using LinkedIn social selling activities. A 9-figure deal!! 

That is where my partner Tom Burton got involved. He reached out to Carson and asked to interview him about what he did and how his strategy and tactics could be used for any company of any size.  That interview received a lot of great comments, questions and feedback. So many people were asking for more details so we planned this follow up episode. 

In this episode, Tom interview Carson about his strategy and tactics. I was able to participate to be the voice for the SMB and individual sales professional. Every tactic and strategy Carson explained, Tom asked me how that can be implement for companies of any size. It is one of our best episodes. 

If you ever thought, “social selling doesn’t work” or want to find ways to use social to win more deals, this episode is a must see. 

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