Brandon Lee


Marketing Stack versus Sales Stack

Marketing Stack versus Sales Stack

What’s more valuable…Marketing or Sales?

Truth is you can’t have one without the other…

And yet,

In most companies, the marketing stack is overweighted compared to the sales stack

What do I mean?

Simply put, marketing has far more technology in place through many more solutions than sales?

What is a sales stack?

A sales stack is a group of sales enablement tools to help sales spend less time on administration and more time directly engaging with customers 

What is a marketing stack?

A marketing stack is a group of software apps and tech tools used to help marketers streamline and deliver a robust marketing program to develop and measure customer relationships

So why is it that one would be much more heavily weighted than the other? 

In general, marketing has more budget than sales. There I said it. 

The truth is these tools should no longer be separated as one or the other…the truth is your marketing and sales stacks need to be ONE.

Only by cohesively aligning the two can you maximize your investment but more importantly your results. 

The days of Sales and Marketing fighting over budget need to end,

Their end goal is the same…more sales through better customer acquisition and management. 

Is that so hard. 

Take a closer look at that stack or stacks…how much of it is actually needed? 

Now think about a more elegant and streamlined approach where marketing and sales can actually work together.

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