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The Revenue Operating System

I am sharing this article because it is important to see the big trends in how companies are spending money and helping their client-facing teams with information, digital selling technology and automation to help them book more meetings and win more deals. 

Generating revenue is the most important and currently one of the most challenging part of a business success for nearly every company.  Yes, supply-chain and hiring is also a big challenge! 

When you click through to read this entire article, use the “Read the Article” button below, be sure to look at the section titled, Investment in enabling front line sellers with technology is growing.

Here are a few key takeaways that are most important from this article and specifically this section of the article. 

  1. “Sales is the least technology enabled job function out there,”  This is a direct quote from the article.
  2. Spending per employee is on a trajectory to exceed $10,000 in technology and related services and support
  3. CFO’s are reallocating budgets from sales travel, real estate and other budgets to spend more on equipping front-facing team to book more meetings and win more deals. 
  4. Companies are currently looking to equip front line team members similarly to how production, finance and warehouse workers have been digitally equipped. 
  5. Sales have been flat and declining because sales professionals have not be properly equipped with digital tools to do their jobs well. 
  6. The traditional sales, marketing and service silos are getting destroyed out of necessity.  These teams working in silos are not adequately equipping team members with the tools and information they need to win with modern buyers. 

This is one of the best articles I have read in awhile on revenue operations. It is spot on with its message and helping companies create vision for navigating digital and moving to fully equip the front line teams with what they need to be successful. 

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We’ve reached a tipping point where the cost, complexity and interdisciplinary nature of selling has rendered traditional models for managing the commercial technology ecosystem obsolete. The Revenue Operating System is a better way for managing a capital intensive, data-driven selling system.

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