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What’s a Digital Audit in 2022?

Digital Audits have changed!

It used to be that a digital audit was something you had done by a Marketing or Website agency primarily focused on the SEO of your website

While the Marketing and Website agencies have not necessarily changed, times definitely have!!

It used to be that your website was the center of your online universe…not anymore

It used to be that if you did not have a website you did not exist…even this has dramatically changed

The fact is, what counts today is how you come up (or not?) in a search by a prospective customer, supplier, vendor, or just somebody wanting to learn more about your products and services

This is no longer simply dictated by the strength or weakness of your website

Content now rules and most productive content is found on Social Media

This is a topic for another day but is one of the elements we look at carefully

A Digital Audit today is now part of your digital transformation

Human centered user design

Today we measure all of these key elements : (based on what is in place currently)

  1. Customer Experience (based on existing data)
  2. User Experience (based on existing human-centered research?)
  3. Social Media Assessment
  4. Employee experience & advocacy
  5. Online presence across all relevant media and channels / industry peers
  6. Customer-centered systems / integration
  7. SEO Assessment
  8. Content strategies and overall digital IQ
  9. Brand advocacy and Brand strength
  10. Industry presence / mentions / competitive positioning

From all of these elements and more, we compile your digital score

Your Digital Score is our starting point …

This score is only relevant when aligned with your immediate priorities, from which your digital roadmap and strategy are finalized

Digital Transformation

The solutions and recommendations that may follow are based on your priorities and could include any or all of the following :

  1. Updated Customer journey mapping
  2. Human-Centered User experience design
  3. Building or re-positioning current social media profiles and presence
  4. Employee advocacy plan and or HR recruiting plan
  5. Organic digital content plan based on customer enablement
  6. Systems integration for seamless customer support and employee experience
  7. Digital content plan across all digital assets for 2021 (this is a complete and exhaustive list focused on vision statement from digital workshops)
  8. Based on areas of priority, we train and facilitate digital skill development across the organization (Executive, Management, Sales, Marketing, Customer service, HR, Procurement, etc)
  9. Based on corporate branding strategy and priorities we align all digital assets and content going forward
  10. Measure industry presence against competitors in order to dominate your markets by implementing all the strategies above in order of their priority

Let’s get started!

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