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24/7 is the new normal!

Well, I think we can all agree, that 2020 and 2021 will be remembered for a very long time! 

Without going into all the good, the bad, and the ugly (mostly the ugly). Let’s move on and begin thinking and continue planning for the second half of 2022

So what have we learned? 

Well here’s a start…

1) We’ve learned that the world is now completely digital and virtual

2) We’ve learned that the workplace will never be the same with many likely to continue working from home for the long term

3) We’ve learned that we can still do almost anything virtually

4) We’ve learned that trends we saw coming are now full-on realities…

  • Marketing has radically changed
  • Customers have moved light years ahead of most B2C & B2B customer strategies
  • Traditional salespeople are struggling
  • Traditional customer service and inside sales are not as effective & customer retention rates are lower
  • Traditional Sales & Marketing structures are no longer effective

5) Lastly (at least on this list!) We’ve learned that customer experience is the difference between success and failure for absolutely all companies and all industries! 

So let’s put this together

What does this really mean? 

It means that while we were so busy making money and just doing what we have always done for the last amazing decade, our customers moved on 

We did not even notice, we were too busy! 

2020 and 21, changed that in a heartbeat…suddenly things got very tough and we could not find our customers…where did they go?

Previously we did not have to find our customers as we were fat and happy while they simply stayed with us or so we thought…

The reality was quite different as we have learned. In fact, our customers have been rather promiscuous behind our backs and in some cases right in front of us!

You see, they don’t need us, we need them. Further, they know this all too well. 

This is no longer a “Sellers” market, this is a “Buyers” market!!

For those who have or are transitioning to this new reality, all will be well again. For those who have not, well, the tunnel must look awfully dark currently…

So what to do about the remainder of 2022? 

Customer  Journey Mapping

1) If you have not done one yet, map your Customer’s Journey today…not tomorrow, TODAY

2) Now, honestly rate your customer’s true customer experience. Hint, you cannot do this yourself as you are very biased, in fact I already know your findings…” Our customer experience is amazing!”…it’s not

You need a 3rd party and outside source to do this so you get a true and honest picture of where you need to improve.

3) If you’re a company with reliance on e-commerce or e-customer support you also better check your online User Experience against those of your competitors and your industry

Again, this is best done by an outside 3rd party as you and your teams cannot be relied on for an “honest” appraisal. This is no fault of your own, it’s human nature…

Are you seeing a trend here?

Go find your customers because they may not be trying to find you!

After all, Google will answer all of their needs quickly and efficiently with or without you! 


“Customer Experience” is what 2022 is all about…

  • New customer acquisition
  • New customer account growth
  • A new customer experience that allows for real time-efficient solutions that happen “NOW”

2022 is the year of the CUSTOMER

Let’s be honest,

You are not ready…it’s time to catch up with your customers! 


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