Brandon Lee


How to create content 101

Hello and welcome to another 60-second digital sales tip! 

How to create great content 101

So what’s stopping you from social selling? 

I know…writing content!

Why is this so hard? 

Because no one wants to write? 

So writing content for beginners!

  1. Find an article you think is helpful for your customers and or your network
  2. Read the article! 
  3. Make “3” points about why this is important to your customers and or your network

Now take those points and add them to the introduction of the article by simply stating,

“After reading this article I thought it provided “3” great points that were helpful” 

Now list the points

Add some hashtags (potential discussion for another day)

Let ‘er rip!!

Creating content is easy. 

More importantly, the impact is enormous

There was a time when writing an email was difficult but we all learned how to do that. 

Now, we need to be able to write simple messages online that will give us credibility to our customers and networks. 

Just “3” sentences and you can become a credible voice in your industry! 

Let’s get started! 

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