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Sales Enablement: It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

Sales Enablement – Back to basics!

Love this article and football analogy with Vince Lombardi

Even though he would walk into the locker room full of professional football players he would say the same thing every new season

“Gentlemen, this is a football.”

When training sales and executive teams over the years we start exactly the same way

“Sales is about having conversations with customers…period”

Start there and keep your focus on that fact and everything else falls into place

Any tool or system that helps your teams have more conversations with customers is the right tool

Any tool or system that is not actually used and that does not create more conversations is the wrong one 

It’s that simple…

If your teams do not use the tools, all the money you spent on the bells and whistles simply don’t matter

Now if you could easily and quickly find a system that gets more conversations and active use by your teams wouldn’t you want to implement it? 


Keep it simple to ensure you are getting the activities you need and don’t get fooled by anything but results

There are sales enablement tools available at a low cost and with the training you need

In fact, here’s one for your consideration

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