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Entrepreneur And Influencer Grant Cardone Explains The Real Benefit Of Social Media

Organic or paid reach, What’s better? 

I’ve always said that paid advertising is like fireworks, they look pretty but don’t last long or create any real results other than entertainment

Grant Cardone agrees:

“I will take the reach from organic over paid any day of the week,” says Cardone. “I have never considered social less valuable than paid and anyone who says it clearly does not know how to effectively run a social program that converts and monetizes traffic.”

“The problem with social media is there are so many people who are satisfied with views, likes and comments,” he says. “None of those mean much to me. I am interested in reach, repetition of messaging, and the offer converting the relationship to either a customer or an investor.”

Well Said!

I would add that with properly focused digital content, you can create not just short term engagement but also long term results

Digital marketing and prospecting is about actually having real conversations and relationships with your brands, something paid advertising just cannot deliver

So as the year continues to unfold, do you really need to increase your paid marketing spend or do you need to begin really developing your audience for the long term? 

What is your real online presence…especially as compared to your competitors?

Do you know? 

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