Brandon Lee


Is “Sales” still “Sales”??

Are your sales skills still needed? 

This is the most important question I can answer


Now you know

All the sales and communication skills you have learned, honed, and used in your various roles are as important today as they ever were! 

BUT, (you knew this was coming!)

There are now some critical new digital skills you need to develop in order to be successful in today’s digital world

This does not mean you stop doing all that you have been doing!! 

It also does not mean you throw away systems and products you may already be using!

What it means, is that the way we communicate and start conversations has evolved through the digital age, especially over these last couple of years

Now you need to build up your sales and marketing cadence to include digital activities 

These specific digital activities will vary greatly depending on :

  • Are you B2B or B2C?
  • Do you have a customer profile?, this is critical
  • Where are your customers and buyers?
  • What is your current online presence compared to your competitors?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What is your current digital skill level? 
  • Do you agree that catching up with your competitors digitally is important? 

These are just a few of the key questions to get started with…

But whether you are a sales leader, entrepreneur, or executive leader, this applies to you!

Time to take the bull by the horns and get it done!

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