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You Quit. I Quit. We All Quit. And It’s Not a Coincidence.

Do you know someone who has recently quit their job?

I certainly do, in fact, more than a few!

There are many reasons for this as this article highlights but when I ask those I know they say it was the lack of flexibility 

So many now see that they can have a better work-life balance, and are simply making that choice

If any company is not seen to be delivering this opportunity, it’s at risk

In addition, I still see companies especially larger ones, relying on large scale automated systems for hiring and employee support that does not allow for the human factor

In fact, one client recently complained to me they could not find the right people, but when we looked closer, their automated screening platform was basically filtering everyone out while not allowing active employees a voice…

This explained their 17% turnover rate as well as their inability to find replacements

This is an opportunity to become a “Human” organization again…get rid of all the software that blocks human interaction and actually begin talking to your teams!

The “Great Resignation”, could become the “Great Awakening!” for all organizations 

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