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Amplify Your Content to Fill and Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

This is step-by-step instructions on how to use your Personal ContentHubs with our AI-Driven Buyer Intent Feature to fill your pipeline and accelerate buyers through your Pipeline. 

If you have specific questions, please use our web app at and use out chat tool. 

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Chrome Extension to Curate Articles

First, if you have not done so already, please install our Chrome Extension by visiting this page.  If you need help with installing the Chrome Extension, you can learn how directly from Chrome Support here

How to Pin Your Chrome Extension to Your Browser

How to Add a Buyer or Bulk Load Buyers In FunnelAmplified’s Buyer Intent Dashboard

You are ready to build relationships online!  Let’s add prospects, buyers and clients to your FunnelAmplified account so you can share content with them through your Personal ContentHub solution. 

How to Share Articles You Find on the Internet with Your Buyers on Your Personal ContentHub

How to Select Articles for a Buyer and How to edit article groupings

You have articles to share. Which ones do you want to share with which buyer? That is totally at your control. This tutorials shows you how to select articles for a buyer, how to remove articles and how to share a the Personal ContentHub link with each of your buyers.

How to Customize Your Message to Your Buyer on 

Their Personal ContentHub & How to Share the Hub link with Your Buyer

You want to capture your buyer’s attention. Not only can you share great content with your buyer but you can customize your message on their Personal ContentHub. This tutorial video shows you how to customize their message and share the Personal ContentHub you created for them with them.


How to Customize Your Buyer Fit Categories for Articles You Add to Your Personal ContentHub Library

Your Buyer Fit Categories are unique to your business and industry. When you add articles to our platform, you will want to assign them to a category so you know what your customer cares about most. The articles they read and spend the most time on are the ones that the care about the most and give you insight into what they need, what challenge they have or what goal they are seeking to achieve. This tutorial video shows you how to customize your categories for your business use case. 

How to Assign Topics and “Weights” to Articles You Add to Your Personal ContentHub Library

When you share articles with clients or prospects, you have a reason for sharing the article. The hope is that when you share an article that you are helping your customer solve a problem, be aware of a potential problem or even see how other companies are solving similar challenges. When you add a topic and “weight” to your articles, you are empower our Artificial Intelligence feature to help you learn what your clients need, care about or are researching. This video shows you how to add topics and weights to articles that you add in your Personal ContentHub Library so you can easily share articles with your customers. 

How to Pre-Create Promotional Copy for Articles in the Personal ContentHub Library

We all want to save time!  We want to make our sales team more efficient. This tutorial shows you how to create promotion copy for articles that you add to the Personal ContentHub Library to make it fast and easy for sales reps to share articles with their customers.


There you go. This should be what you need to start using and having success with our buyer Intent feature. Please feel free to join our LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page, or Facebook Users Group for ongoing training, support and learn from other users. 

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