Brandon Lee


Is your customer service the BEST?

Welcome to another edition of today’s 60-second digital sales tip

What’s your number one source of new revenue in 2022?

Customer Service!

Where are customers the most frustrated with Customer Service and their overall satisfaction? 

This will be a surprise for some…” Phone & Voice” experience

And it’s not even close!

You may have read me say this many times before, but your customers do not rely on the phone or voice for their needs or support any longer.

Think about it…when you have a challenge or question with a product or service, what is your first instinct? 

That’s right, you google or YouTube your question first. 

Followed by the website of the solution and if all else fails…phone or voice.

Now my question for you…why do you think your customers or buyers are any different than you?

Their not. 

Time to rejig your Customer Service and your entire Customer Experience to reflect this reality. 

Want to help your customers? Allow them to quickly reach you by Text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Start with a pilot program…prove it, develop it and then implement it across the board.

Your customers will thank you as your sales & revenues soar! 

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