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Why Content writing is for both Sales and Marketing

Why Content is not just for marketing!

Some amazing stats here your not going to want to miss but the big takeaway for me is the low MQL to SQL conversion rate…

That is the number of leads sales considers viable from marketing…a measly 13%! So for every 1000 qualified leads from marketing only 130 are considered by sales to be actual leads.

Why is this?

Because far too much content is misaligned and out of touch with the actual buyers and customers.

Why is this?

Because Sales & Marketing are still horribly misaligned and not yet working together.

How to begin fixing this?

Make them both responsible for content.

With content creation being the number one outsourced service by far at 84% isn’t it about time to take to make sure it has the value your buyers need in the first place!!?

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