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Why LinkedIn Is More Important Than Your Resume

Are Resume’s still necessary?

How important is your LinkedIn profile?

I get asked this a lot and this article is certainly spot on with respect to job hunting

In fact, Human Resource leaders are among those I work with most closely


Because digital and social media today are what resumes and company bulletin boards were yesterday

Further, HR leaders have learned that recruiting is a full-time activity and social media is their best tool

While resumes still serve a purpose, they are much less important today than they were in the past

For many HR professionals, they will readily admit the first thing they look up when reviewing a candidate is their social media profile which usually begins with LinkedIn

But it’s not just your LinkedIn profile, it’s all of your social media profiles

This can be a great way for companies to not only learn about your accomplishments and work history but also who you are as a person

Social media is about people

So if you have a poorly done or robotic LinkedIn profile, your chances for that great position or even a business opportunity are slimmer

Your profiles should reflect who you are and what makes you unique

With the job market being more active than I can ever remember…it’s critical you stand out from the crowd…

Start with a fun and interesting profile on LinkedIn and watch the difference it makes! 

If you need some tips…just DM me, always happy to help!

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