Brandon Lee


No Cold Calling! Create First Conversations with Ideal Customers

Stop wasting time smiling and dialing. 

The phone is still valuable. But NOT for generating first conversations ideal your ideal customers!

Data shows social engagement prospecting generates 200% more first conversations in the same amount of time as cold calls and email sequences. Consider social prospecting as part of your digital selling playbook to create more first conversations with ideal customers than any other prospecting activity. 


Sales has always been about numbers. Digital selling is the same

Talk to enough ideal customers and you hit your pipeline goals.

Have your pipeline full? it is easy to hit revenue goals. 

But, it all starts with creating first conversations with your ideal customers. Unfortunately our older tools of cold calls and cold emails are not producing like they use to for us.  It’s time for a change. 

Learn how and why social engagement prospecting is the way top producing sales professionals are hitting their goals below. 

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