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So you think you’re going to Cold Call me?

This article was written by Erik Holdo, CRO at FunnelAmplified.

In the days of and post COVID, selling has changed forever. As corporate headquarters shrink, reducing RE costs and liability, off-site workers and hoteling within modified work environments will become the norm.

In 1994, the Northridge earthquake collapsed the main east-west 10 freeway, virtually cutting off parts of the city. Working for Xerox at the time, they quickly deployed laptops (not prevalent in 1994 by any means), sent multi-function printer/copy/fax systems and even added added phone lines to each reps home. For those who don’t remember, at that time Xerox was a “report to your desk before 8am and stay till after 5pm – blue suit – red tie” kind of place. This sudden departure required great insight and trust.

Well this past year has been our freeway collapse. Some of us may feel like we were under the freeway as it fell, but that’s not my point. The point is, sales prospecting has once again changed dramatically.

Cold calling by phone? Ummm, no. Since Covid hit, and everyone’s phone blew up with new robocalls and telemarketers, the only phone I use automatically ignores unknown numbers, so you’re not getting through. But hey, keep letting the guy in the corner office that keeps bugging you about your KPIs tell you that’s nonsense.

Cold calling in person? Sure. Everyone is excited to get a call from the receptionist (if indeed there are any of those anymore) to come talk to one or two random sales guys.

Email blasts? I’ll let you know if that works as soon as my Spam folder decides to buy something.

Direct mail? Yes actually, except for the expense, and the requirement to generate multiple impressions over multiple weeks, and even then you still get thrown in the bin. It does work, but I doubt your new Cybersecurity software, CRM solution, or Industrial Robot is going to be bought off of a postcard.

So what’s left……

Thought leadership – becoming that trusted advisor that is sought out due to your insight, follow up, relationship and trust level. Your Personal Brand.

FunnelAmplified’s personal brand building BuyerHubs hits the mark. Beyond just social amplification, FunnelAmplified allows Marketing to support the Personal Brand building of their sales professionals, while maintaining overall brand expectations as to Integrated Marketing strategies.

Now, about your CRM compliance ….. 🙂

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