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Six Steps to Writing a Post Your Prospects Will Read

My first social was a bomb. It did nothing for me. 

In fact, I would say the first several hundred social posts I published were mostly a waste of time. 

I often wondered, how do I create an effective social post?

Do you ever ask this question?  

One day I slowed down and thought about what my customers and prospects would be most interested in reading. I had just returned from a Hubspot conference and listened to Marcus Sheridan talk about his book, “They Ask, You Answer” and my social influence started to grow. 

What made the difference? 

I wrote down every question customers and prospects asked me in my Questions Notebook. 

Here are the 6 Steps I did to get started and still use today! 

  1. Buy a notebook or use a digital note tool
  2. Twice per week choose a question from the notebook.
  3. Google search using the exact question
  4. Find and choose an article that IS NOT written by a competitor.
  5. Read it 
  6. Write a social post by following this pattern and filling in the blanks.

        —-    “I am sharing this article because a client asked me the question, “write question here

        —-   “This is an important questions for “ideal customer title” in the “ideal customer’s industry” because <write why in your own words>

         —-  “Here are 3 key points from this article that I believe are most important”

                write key point #1 here

                write key point #2 here

                write key point #3 here

Then, add the link and share it to your personal social accounts where you spend most of your time. 

I guarantee this post will get more engagement that any marketing style post.  In fact, be sure to tag me in your post and I will be sure to comment and help it gain more reach.  

If you are already a FunnelAmplified client, you are aware of our Magic Writer feature that helps you do this.  

Login now and create a post today! 

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