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Raise the Expectations! Your Sales Professionals Should Do Better

Would any sales leader allow a sales professional to take a prospect to lunch and only read from a script that was written for them by marketing because marketing can craft a message better? 

Would a sales professional send an entry level, new hire to a networking event with instructions to just pretend to be them because the sales professional was too busy to carve out the time to go? 

Would a sales leader tell their team members NOT to attend an event where all of their prospects are attending because they need to make more cold calls and hit their numbers?

Maybe it sounds silly when it is written this way. But, I often hear these statements from sales leaders when referring to social media activities like time spent in LinkedIn. 

“Is it easy? It needs to be easy”

“Will it take them time? They have cold calls to make!”

“We don’t want them to have to write anything. Marketing will do it for them so they can focus on selling.” 

Creating opportunities and winning deals with customers takes more effort now than even 5 years ago. Customers have more opportunities. They are inundated with messages and they are overworked. They are extremely busy. 

Sales professionals can’t rely on pounding phones and enrolling customers in email cadences to fill their pipeline. I had sales professional share these numbers with me the other day. 

It takes 100 calls to get a conversation. 

It takes 50 conversations to get a quality conversation

It takes 10 quality conversations to create a business opportunity. 

It takes 4 business opportunities to get a client. 

How many calls does it take for your sales team to close a deal? 

Sales professionals can’t rely on marketing to provide enough MQL’s that become qualified Sales Accepted Leads either. 

The new sales playbook MUST include prospecting and networking in social media. 

Here are FOUR reasons why your team needs a social component to your sales playbook:

  1.  It is the most efficient way to share professional insights to your target audience at scale. 
  2. Sales professionals can become a known connection to their buyers without cold interruptive actions like calls and emails
  3. Sales professionals can read what their prospects are talking about, looking to solve and care about before making a phone call or sending an email
  4. As part of a strategic social playbook (cadence) it has proven to create 40% more booked meetings than cold calls and email sequences. 

The first step for any sales professional or sales leader to use social media to book more meetings is to consistently produce and publish their professional and personal insights as social posts. This means creating posts in their own words, from their own experiences based on what they have read or experienced themselves. 

When this is done 3x per week, the result is to become a known subject-matter voice in the industry. 

3 social posts per week may sound difficult. 

That is why FunnelAmplified created Magic Writer. 

With Magic Writer, users do 3 simple steps, in about 10 minutes per post to create highly engaging social posts. Create poss in their own words, that features their professional and personal insights and their own experiences. Isn’t that what buyers’ want to know about from those who serve them?  Yes! 

Professional Insights Posts result in more comments, more Likes and when used as part of a cadence where sales professionals also comment on posts their prospects comment on or Like, it also leads to booking 40% more meetings

Try Magic Writer with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required so you have no fear of unwanted charges to your credit card. 

Try Magic Writer Today for Free and see how it increases your booked meetings!

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