Brandon Lee


Human to Human Selling in a Digital World

Candyce Edelen will tell you #Nobots! 

She is the president and founder of Propel Growth. She is a trainer and speaker on digital selling and using social media to create relationships. You can see why she is a guest on The Digital Influence Show. 

In today’s episode, we will talk about human to human selling in a digital world. Candyce will share strategies on how to find, connect and start conversations with your ideal customers using digital tools.

Here are a few key points you may want to pay specific attention to.

3:44 – how to measure quality vs quantity of conversations

6:25 – Using email KPIs for measuring social media activity (why it just doesn’t work!)

12:30 – marketing automation vs bots

17:50 – What it means for sales professionals to provide “insights” to book client meetings.

20:15 – How to start a conversation with a prospect by reviewing their profile

27:25 – The best moment of the episode. You have to listen to this story Candyce shares and how Brandon responds to it.

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