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What Business Leaders Can Learn From 9 Successful CEO Bloggers

Do you blog?

As a leader, should you?

Here are some great reasons to start blogging:

  1. Market Presence – the more you blog the more you and your organization will be seen
  2. Your competition is blogging! You can let your competitors control the narrative OR
  3. Controlling your image in the media, creating a positive and empathetic persona is powerful and positive
  4. Building your personal brand and becoming a thought leader 
  5. Educating your market and even employees about your priorities and direction

Here are some examples of leaders who know the value of blogging;

  • Mark Cuban
  • Bill Gates
  • Dharmesh Shah
  • Richard Branson
  • Tom Blanchard
  • etc

The list is long because the value is great.

The only tool better than writing blogs for a leader is video blogging 

The point is to get out in front of your market and your networks regularly 

Building up your network and your ability to quickly get a message out is incredibly important

Your employees will feel much more connected both to you as well as the company

Your customers will feel like they know much more about you and your focus

Lastly, and most importantly…it makes you “Human”

People want to work with “people”, not corporate logo’s

Become a real person online by regularly and consistently communicating through blogs and short video messages and watch the value of your organization grow along with your personal brand! 

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