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What is Sales Enablement? Part 3

What is Sales Enablement? Part 3 

Are you using Digital Enablement as part of your “Sales Enablement”? 

This is the key question

“Sales Enablement” is your strategy, BUT it needs to be the complete strategy and not just old legacy methodologies

So how can you be sure? 

Let’s go through what you should be looking for in terms of the digital features required

  1. Direct access and integration with ALL social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc
  2. Direct access and integration with all communication channels such as email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp etc
  3. Direct access and integration with a video tool that allows you to create a video within the solution for publication across all users and platforms
  4. Gamification for users and teams
  5. Fun and easy User Interface for all users and teams (Mobile and Browser)
  6. KPI setting and tracking for all digital sales, CX, and marketing activities from the teams down to the user
  7. Content sharing and creation by all those selected (can be one or both depending on role)
  8. Access to 3rd party content that meets any compliance requirements
  9. The ability to create microsites directly integrated through user and organizational content
  10. Ongoing digital training to ensure a change in behavior of all users and teams
  11. Direct access and integration with any other key platforms already in use such as CRMs, ERPs, MRPs, etc
  12. Lastly and most importantly, a rich robust reporting tool that allows you to track all your digital results!

Now if you have found a solution that does all of this not only have you found the best “Sales Enablement” solution but you have also found the best “Digital Enablement” solution!

For an example of one such “Digital Enablement” solution

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