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Hit & Run Training!?

Hit and run training? 

This is what most training and onboarding is today! 

You have experienced it, you buy a technology solution and their onboarding or training only to find that the results leave you wondering why you bought it

Too often Training is like fireworks…looks and sounds amazing but it does not last!

Well it may not be the fault of the technology or even the trainers, it’s simply the limitation of the process itself

When you think about it … you can begin to realize why

  • Behavior is one of the most difficult human characteristics to change 
  • Different people learn in different ways
  • Not all people are inclined to change
  • People will always go back to what is comfortable and familiar
  • It takes time to create new behaviors

Now it makes sense…short term onboarding and training of any kind simply will not get the needed results 

So what’s the solution?

What we find is that a managed, spaced out and longer-term program utilizing all digital media gets the job done!

This is about a 6 – 12 month rolling program for training and onboarding, not 1 hour a week for a few weeks or worse “Rah-Rah” sessions 

In addition having a learning platform that is there not only during but forever is a way to gamify, hit all Key Performance Indicators, and have fun!!

Want to learn more about how to incorporate this training for your teams?

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