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12 sales kickoff meeting ideas & best practices to rally your team

The 12 elements of a killer sales kickoff meeting

It’s that time of year!

Don’t let your Sales Kickoff Meeting (SKO) become last year’s treadmill!

I would add one more action to this list…

  • Set a goal for the team and report back on the goal week over week for the next year to show how well you are doing, do this with a dashboard that all can see and interact with…

This keeps the SKO meaningful and accountable for next year! 

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you have a successful kickoff meeting

1. Clearly define what a successful sales kickoff looks like and work that into a theme

2. Use technology to let your reps guide what the kickoff will look like

3. Align your meeting content with your company goals

4. Be deliberate (and careful) with how you set your agenda

5. Get salespeople excited with some ‘pre-roll’ content

6. Create an atmosphere of healthy competition

7. Provide time for interaction and unexpected conversations

8. Bring out your big hitters to share relevant success stories

9. Change things up with a number of different sessions

10. Make your customers part of your sales kickoff meeting

11. Reinforce the concepts you’re teaching

12. Collect and act on feedback from the event

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