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Revenue Enablement for 2022



  • No more silos! All communication must flow horizontally across the organization
  • Many of your current departments no longer have productive value this is your opportunity to reimagine your organizational hierarchy!


  • The new generation of growth leaders are coaches who find new ways to collaborate and create the most of their teams

Return on growth assets

  • Revenue leaders must find ways to use technology as a force multiplier in order to increase historically low levels of salesperson productivity
  • The current use of technologies and digital assets are insufficient to obtain the necessary growth
  • All forms of technology need to be considered including AI where it can assist the customer journey and connect with sales and CX

Common Purpose

  • Revenue teams can only succeed if they have a common purpose, all leadership teams need to share and align scorecards to create completely homogenous goals across the business
  • Silo-based goals for sales and marketing will fail…they do not need to be aligned…they need to be the same!


  • My favorite statement…” All customer-facing employees need a fully transparent, 360-degree view of the entire buying journey available in real-time if they are going to play like a team” 
  • Try doing that without a “Social CRM and or a Digital Sales enablement platform!”

Digital changes everything, but the good news is that it can all be achieved quickly and at a low cost if you have a Digital Roadmap!

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