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New Digital Skills Index from Salesforce Reveals 76% of Global Workers Say They Are Unequipped for the Future of Work

76% of Global Workers Say They Are Unequipped for the Future of Work

This is an eye-opening study done by Salesforce and supports what I have been seeing with organizations for quite some time

Your teams are not prepared for this digital age and neither are you

Here are some of the takeaways…

  • “Over three-quarters of respondents do not feel ready to operate in a digital-first world, but only 28% are actively involved in digital skills learning and training”
  • “There is a major gap emerging between everyday digital skills and those needed for work, especially among younger workers”
  • “Only 17% of boomers feel prepared for this digital age while 26% of Gen Z feel so” 

This is not a generational problem…this is a workplace problem

While the vast majority of those surveyed felt skilled on social media almost 75% are not being given the tools or the training to use in everyday work life

I see this every day with almost all of our clients 

This is not a problem

This is an enormous opportunity

Those companies that jump on the chance to get their teams digitally savvy will win and they will win big!

The first step?

Digital Audit of all skill sets in place versus those required

The second step?

Digital Roadmap prioritizing your journey


Training, and not Rah-Rah sessions…ongoing immersive “TRAINING” 

One-off training does not stick but managed ongoing training focused on behaviors does…

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