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What is Digital Sales Cadence?

Do you have a sales activity planner?

Do you have a customer excellence activity planner? 

Do you have a digital marketing activity planner?

Do you use a scheduled and planned cadence as part of your sales and customer engagement process?

What is cadence?

By definition:

“A pattern of activity that allows the team and individuals to know what they are doing and when” 

We all need to have consistent activities that we do daily, weekly, monthly, and so on

Without this pattern of consistent activity, we simply don’t accomplish our goals

As an organization with goals…your teams need to follow consistent activities to meet these goals

Each individual as part of the team has activities to help reach their goals and by extension the goals of the organization

For your sales, customer experience and marketing teams this “Cadence” is critical

Traditionally this cadence is based on phone calls, emails, and meetings 

Today with customers now spending so much time on digital and social media, this has changed

So your team’s activities need to change to match where your customers are

This does not mean that phone calls and emails no longer fit into your cadences 

It means that for the purposes of prospecting and new customer acquisition, the process now starts completely ONLINE

For Customer Experience, while the goals are somewhat different, the activities have some similarities, including talking to customers ONLINE

(Mostly through, messenger, WhatsApp, texting, and other direct messaging channels…)

For Marketing, again the goals are different but again, the customers are ONLINE

Therefore your marketing content needs to be ONLINE where they are…and not where they used to be!

So your Digital Cadences need to capture these key categories in which there are more specific activities you can build out 

  1. Connect / These are activities that enable all your customer-facing teams to connect with new, existing, or future customers in real-time
  2. Engage / These are activities that enable your customer-facing teams to speak, converse and develop relationships with new, existing, and future customers in real-time
  3. Publish / These are activities that enable your customer-facing teams to create, share and post content across all digital media specifically to and for your new, existing, and future customers

Now, put all these together in an activity plan for each team thereby creating the “Cadence” needed to ensure consistent productive activity…that’s the goal!!

Want to learn how to do this?

Start here,

How Do I get Digital Cadence for my teams 

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