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When Cold Emailing And Social Selling Collide – Win More Sales

Nearly every sales person or leader will tell you that sales are really really tough right now. The way most of us have communicated with customers and prospects has been disrupted. It has been completely disrupted. Consider these challenges to reaching out to prospective customers. 

After you skim through this list below, I have a very important question to ask you. It is also where I share with you one of my biggest failures that came from being stubborn and cost me millions! 

1. Email. Spam filters are at an all time high. Technology is designed to monitor emails as they are sent. If you send too many emails that are exactly the same, the Spam scored will skyrocket. Emails go to Spam where they are never heard from again. 

2, Caller-ID. It doesn’t matter if it is an office line or cell phone. We all have caller ID. And most of us, unless we are in customer service, don’t answer a call from a number we do not recognize. We allow voice mail to help us screen the calls? Why do we do this? None of us want to talk with someone whom we don’t want to talk. 

3. Minimal Face-to-Face. Covid and the effects from lockdown. We are not traveling as much, we are not in offices as much, we are not attending conferences as much.  You get it the point. AND, the data shows that most people are happy about this are prefer to do less work travel, work from home more and not do a daily commute.  The world or work engagement is changing fast. 

4. Direct Mail. If you are not able to mail to your prospects home, they are most likely never going to receive your mail. 

As a CEO, I created a sales strategy that was built around cold email outreach more than social engagement. We failed. 

I don’t read unsolicited emails. But, somehow, I assumed my audience would read and respond to mine. Why did I chose email?  Habit. 

When I realized what worked for me for so long in an offline world, building relationships and adding value to my industry, I altered my online activities. I started to add value through creating content. I started to have more conversations with others by commenting on their posts. I created systems to help me remember to engage with the right people on a consistent basis.  

The results? More sales. More referrals. Better online relationships. And, I save a lot of time by not creating and sending out so many cold emails. 

I was a guest on a podcast where I share some of this experience.  I appreciate you and if you like the message, please share it with your network. 

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