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Decision Vision Episode 130: Should I Forgive? – My Interview with Mike Blake

I had the honor of being interviewed on the North Fulton Business Radio show. 

I am sharing it with you all because I think it helps to know more about me than just my title and what I do for work. I had the opportunity to share about forgiveness and how it influences our work lives and personal lives. I share 2 stories that I have never shared publicly.  Honestly, it makes me nervous. 

But, one thing I have learned with social media as a channel to build relationships (and ones that lead to business transactions) is that I want to be the same person online as I am if I was sitting across a table from you at lunch.  This one of the ways I try to do this in a digital world. 

Or, you can click the link below and listen to it on the North Fulton Business Radio X page. 

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