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15 Marketing Job Titles + The Roles That Leaders Plan To Invest In Next Year

What talents and skills are you looking for in 2022?

I took “3” nuggets from this article: 

“2021 LinkedIn research shows that the top three in-demand marketing roles are digital marketing specialists, DIGITAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES, and social media managers.” 

“As for 2022, 21% of marketers still anticipate training and ROI measuring being major challenges, along with traffic and lead generation”

“Content marketing according to LinkedIn says is the second-fastest-growing skill and according to HubSpot Blog Research, it’s the number one strategy that marketing teams are hiring for this year and in 2022”

Now what I read and what you read might be different but what I’m reading is more and more emphasis on DIGITAL SKILLS…period

We have been talking about the change from the traditional “Analog” world to today’s “Digital” world for some time…and it would appear that companies and especially their marketing teams are now onboard

What does this mean for your teams?

Well, whether you can find these perfect “digital” warriors or not, Training is going to be a big part of 2022

Your existing teams need to be trained and retooled as well!

The good news is that this does not have to be done all at once…start with your priorities and work down the list as per your “Digital Roadmap”

Don’t have one yet?

It’s time.

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