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Five signs you need to rethink your customer experience strategy

“5” signs your customer experience needs attention!

1) You’re getting customer complaints about it

2) You don’t have an active relationship strategy

3) You don’t have any customer feedback

4) You’re losing long term customers

5) You have low employee morale

These may seem so obvious, but are some or all of them true? 

Let’s take them one at a time,

  • If your customers are complaining and you are aware of it then you have a great opportunity to fix it and win back your customer’s loyalty!
  • A relationship strategy is an actual plan on how to connect with your customers as people so you can win them back…this does not mean email campaigns…this means actual human interaction via online social and digital channels 
  • Nothing is worse than not knowing! If you don’t know, find out…do the research but do it properly, preferably using a 3rd party resource not impacted by internal bias
  • This is a big one…losing long-term customers is the kiss of death…this is the iceberg before the Titanic hit…Time to change direction!
  • Often when your customer experience is poor, you will see that employee morale is low…these two opportunities go hand in hand…fix your employee morale and your customers will benefit too! 

The most common problem of all?

Blissful ignorance!

Most companies when asked will say…”Our customer experience is the greatest!”

But how do they really quantify this?

Reach out to your customers every day where they are…online

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