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What is “Digital Prospecting”

What is Digitial Prospecting? 

We all know what analog prospecting is…

  • This is based on old Outbound prospecting methodologies
  • Creating endless prospective customer lists
  • Gathering email addresses and phone numbers
  • Buying or purchasing these same lists with largely outdated data
  • Developing subscriber lists through emailed newsletter campaigns
  • Cold emailing through our prospect lists 
  • Cold calling through our prospect lists
  • Attending trade shows and in-person networking events
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat!

We know that these methods still dominate most companies prospecting and new business development programs often led by outdated marketing techniques

But camouflaging these methods with expensive automated Martech only continues to add costs and poor performance to these outdated methods…

Surely there’s a better way!

There is…

It’s called “Digital Prospecting”

  • This is now largely about proven new “Inbound prospecting” methodologies
  • Now instead of buying lists and chasing prospects, we can attract buyers who come to us
  • These digital buyers and customers find us not by cold emails but by reaching out to us as “Trusted Advisors”
  • Now instead of using elevator pitches we can create and use supportive information that actually helps our customers and buyers to see us as “Trusted Advisors”
  • The goal now is to create online digital relationships with our customers at scale
  • Not only is this far more productive but it’s far less expensive and now all members of your customer-facing teams can participate equally

Yes, this changes everything!!

Learn how here! 

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