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Traditional B2B Sales and Marketing Are Becoming Obsolete

Do customers want to deal with salespeople? 

This is an excellent article outlining the incredible shift that has taken place with today’s buyers and customers

Don’t believe it?

Check out your own behavior 

  • Do you seek out salespeople when searching for a product or service?
  • Do you accept all calls in the hopes that a salesperson might convince you to buy something?
  • Do you read all your unsolicited emails in hopes that there may be something of value in the pile?

No, you likely don’t

Let’s face it, buyers and customers have radically changed in their behavior

It’s you and your companies Sales & Marketing methods that have not changed

Now if you are a salesperson or manager OR if you are a marketing professional…this is all very real because you see it in your results

There is a solution, but it all starts with you

If you are someone working for a company that is not changing, you need to take your career into your own hands 

Waiting to see what happens is not a good plan

Take action and become a digitally certified professional 

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